Sunday, September 7, 2008


school is tomorrow.

my room in dudley is cute and just like a tree house. i've been really lucky with the places i've been able to live. lynd was like a little forest cottage, kober was like a castle. it will be nice when the weather cools down, but i'm sad for summer to be over. it's my favorite season. i would like to live someplace hot when i get older, i think. but the really sad news is that astroland is closing down today. i contemplated going, but i decided that i didn't want to ruin all the happy memories i had there over this past summer. it gets exhausting to hold onto things. even so, R.I.P., astroland, you will be missed.

i had to do alternate registration on saturday, which was deplorable.

today i visited dustin for falafel in park slope and then took the train to manhattan to go to this salvation army that i like. i was annoyed to see that it was closed. are all of them closed on sundays? i feel like the one on flatbush avenue isn't. anyway, i instead took a walk across town to washington square park. i found a shady spot by george's dog run and read and drank glass bottle coke. i'm reading l'morte d'arthur by sir thomas malory. it's really good, but slow going. i had forgotten how much i really like stuff about king arthur. i want to get tennyson's idylls of the king next.