Friday, October 7, 2011

that's life

last night i heard my neighbor having loud, fake, depressing sex at an hour that some may consider to be unreasonable. now i am getting revenge by playing my favorite song of the day on full blast and on repeat.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

a sequence of events

every thursday night john asks me to watch the kids desk and i oblige because it's fun and you can do whatever you want. there are very few customers and absolutely no supervision at that time of night. when he asks me, i take a seat behind the desk. he leaves and goes around the corner to pie while i check facebook, do some online shopping, and peruse the "rants and raves" section of craigslist. when john comes back he says his break was very exciting because detroit scored two home runs against the yankees in under fifteen minutes. after john is back i take my fifteen and i go see patrick, who is unpacking boxes of used paperbacks in the basement. we talk about steve jobs for under a minute. i ask him in a joking way if he's sad that he's dead and he says that it's always sad when somebody dies.

after work we go to get beer and the yankees game is on. they are doing poorly and it feels good. two finicky ladies who argue over the bill sit next to us. people who could have been customers are turned away because it's almost eleven which means that the place is about to close. we ride the train, we say goodbye, and by the time i get into my house the yankees have lost. my computer told me so.