Saturday, October 16, 2010


last night when i was drunk at four a.m. (so much for the whole "quiet night in" idea) i dropped my comb into the toilet. in my drunken state, this was a catastrophe and i decided to just let it chill there until the morning. when i got up to pee the next day, i had to fish it out. i put it on the counter and forgot about it and i just brushed my bangs with it. now i have toilet water bangs.


Friday, October 1, 2010

fever dreams

in the event of a fever, only a certain few things will do. 

steal ephemera from late-night places, things like bar glasses, public notices, and toilet paper. pay in change, get it wrong. lay awake at night and keep telling yourself that you will fall asleep soon because you are tucked away on an island by the sea. watch old films and listen to radio ethiopia. paint your nails in too-dim lighting. fuck up, start over, make some tea and think of something else to do. hold hands with your dearest friend, tell her you're sad and hold her and when she lets go tell her to hold you again. run towards stray cats in the night. sleep on someone else's floor. ponder the concept of zipless fucking. try to sleep some more. tell yourself the bit about the island, the bit about the sea.