Tuesday, June 17, 2008

instant recap

after the jump: my week, illustrated.

on wednesday, our friend meg came to visit.

the four of us (me, dustin, meg, ben) got into mischief.

on thursday, we went to brighton beach and coney island. it was sunny and we ate borscht and drank from gigantic cups of beer from nathan's. it was a very happy day.

on friday the thirteenth, dustin found seventy-five dollars on the ground. we also watched a movie called the mist that was simply traumatizing.

on saturday, i went to see the new david byrne installation with ben and meg. it was really cool. we had to sign a waiver that said we couldn't sue the city if any pieces of the abandoned building fell on our heads.

we met zach at welcome to the johnsons, and we were later joined by bailey, matt, and two girls who were both named hannah. we had some drinks, and then we drove back to prospect heights to have a very successful taco party.

sunday was mostly uneventful. dustin and i met up with joe, ben, and meg for sushi and then we went home and watched cloverfield, which was also traumatizing. on monday, meg went home and dustin and i went to williamsburg to trade in clothes at buffalo exchange. we made thirty-six bucks, and i bought a beautiful new dress with daisies all over it. we ate at a mexican place and split a plate of enchiladas. it felt nice to split a dish together. we initially decided to go dutch on our food because we are rather impecunious at the moment, but it worked out even better because it was a lot of food, too much for one person. it makes me depressed when i think of all the food that americans waste, just because everybody is too dumb to control their portions.

and that, my friends, is the story of my week.

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