Wednesday, August 27, 2008

two lists

songs on my ipod i am most ashamed of:
1. "dancing queen," abba
2. some of "rumors" by fleetwood mac
3. "slow ride," foghat
4. "get down tonight," kc and the sunshine band
5. "she's like the wind," patrick swayze
6. "never gonna give you up," rick astley

things i have recently found on the street:
1. califone 3130 AV cassette recorder (tenderloin district in san francisco)
2. a mug like you see art teachers sipping from in the movies plus a tiny little creamer
3. two issues of the illustrated london news from 1916
4. an issue of the international studio from 1913
5. an unwieldy book from 1910 entitled around the world with a camera
6. a really creepy children's story book (no date, but probably from around the same time period as the others)
7. february 1925 issue of science and invention in pictures

(numbers 2-7 were found in brooklyn. i love brooklyn sundays! you can make a killing simply by walking down the street.)

i start school on monday. errrk!

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