Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the greatest

i am so over this cold weather. i am over the snow storms and the piles of snow/garbage/snow/garbage that line the streets. there is nothing more depressing to look at than old piles of snow. yuck! what the hell, sanitation?! this city feels really fucked right now. not 1970s/80s fucked, mind you, but i feel like we're in a bit of a dip (duh). however, that does not mean that i don't have things to look forward to. i am so excited for the warm weather! after a brutal winter, how amazing would it be to have an early, instantly-balmy spring? i am dreaming about this time like mad. these are the things i'm looking forward to the most:


i am already fantasizing about my spring wardrobe. i'm only going to wear tank tops from actual pain, cigarette jeans, and low tops. also i really think a tattoo may be in the cards. 


getting a fucking bike. it is long overdue! by the end of summer i want to be fit enough to bike all the way to downtown manhattan and back. i need a new backpack. i am excited to begin my new life as a weekend warrior!


winning the war. forgetting about the winter. feeling the sun on my skin on our roof deck. making burgers on the grill. coming downstairs to take the laundry out while the breeze pushes through the windows. hearing the leaves shake, all plump and green. believing that it will never get cold again. feeling beautiful and young. being in brooklyn.

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