Monday, September 5, 2011

dreams are boring

last night i had some ambitious reading plans, and to be sure i had already accomplished a lot during the day. despite gulping down three cups of tea, i sunk down into my bed and my eyes began to feel heavy. i decided to put my book down and take a power nap even though it was almost one in the morning. i set the alarm for a half hour later, then another half hour later, and then i gave up and fell asleep. i had a really awful dream. i dreamt that my head and my foot were both injured at work and that they would never be quite right again. i woke up at the sound of andrea coming home, and instead of getting up to brush my teeth and change over my laundry i turned out the light and fell asleep again. it doesn't sound terrifying now, but at the time i was so upset that i couldn't bring myself to finish the things one is supposed to do before retiring. i had another bad dream after that. i was being pursued by the undead and decided to flee by horseback. i am assuming that this scenario arose due to the fact that i had been thinking about horseback riding earlier in the day. i was thinking about whether or not i'd still be able to remember how to saddle a horse after so many years of not riding. well, in my dream i didn't remember, and i was pulling out all of these leather straps that i didn't know what to do with. just before i woke up i think i was contemplating riding away at full speed without a saddle.

writing about dreams isn't interesting because nobody really cares to read about what anybody else dreams. self indulgence! oh well, it is labor day and i am feeling lazy. at least i am actually cooking something? egg salad: i hope i don't fuck it up.

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