Sunday, September 25, 2011

this is my favorite movie

cute skater dudes + bomb soundtrack + turnstile-jumping + forties + BROADWAY JUNCTION (what up) + 1-800-COP-SHOT + shitting on the MTA in general = most excellent. i have been thinking about this video a lot because i've been utilizing broadway junction quite a bit lately. it saved my ass during the shuttle bus debacle (and most likely in future shuttle bus debacles), it can take you to the beach or the shittier parts of bushwick where your friends live, there is always a dude selling churros, AND you get to ride that huge badass escalator that makes you feel like it's taking you to heaven and hell at the same time. out of all the subway stations i've visited, broadway junction is always the most entertaining. it's a JUNCTION, which means that everybody is busy; if you are hungry you may buy yourself a stale, sugary treat; and there are stained glass windows to look at and to look out of while you space out as you go up or down those many stairs. it is far out and thus it seems dangerous, but then again there are people on their way to the beach so it must not be that bad. i like it there. i like it when i need to go there to get going.

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