Sunday, December 4, 2011


i can't believe i actually did it: i bought a christmas tree. i also bought lights, ornaments, ornament hooks, tinsel, and a tree stand. the tree is from greenpoint trees. it's a little four-footer that set me back twenty bucks. twenty bucks! and to think i was prepared to pay at least twice that for this thing. i couldn't stop smiling as i walked down manhattan avenue with the tree in my arms. to the passers-by, i am sure that i must have looked very cheeseball, like some happy-go lucky female character from a fifties christmas special. of course i felt excited about the holidays in that moment, but i think at least half of it stemmed from the fact that i'd just scored a great deal. 

i had to carry the tree back on the subway. a pair of stoned gentlemen told me, "nice tree!" i got sap all over my hands, but it was only mildly annoying. once i got the tree back to my apartment, i went around the corner to family dollar, where i purchased lights and a few ornaments, including tinsel. in my family, we never decorated our tree with tinsel because my parents always said that it was tacky. this is my first-ever christmas tree with tinsel, and it's because i'm alone this year, which means that i get to decorate however i want. it sucks when you don't have any ornaments and have to accumulate them, though. i miss the big box of ornaments at my parents' house. i hope that one day i'll have a big ornament box to show my family. maybe i'll still have these family dollar bulbs to show them:

they're not so bad, right?

though putting the tree together entailed a lot of running around and putting things together and a second trip to family dollar (i needed another strand of lights- "you just can't get enough of family dollar!" the clerk told me), it was definitely worth it. i'm having christmas on my own this year, and it won't just happen: i have to find the tree, i need to decorate it, i need to buy appropriate holiday liquor and drink it while decorating and listening to the charlie brown christmas soundtrack on repeat. and sure enough, i made it happen.

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